OK, so I just figured out how to schedule a recurring event in my outlook calendar. Why? I have decided that I need to have a daily routine, and I need to write it down – and be reminded of it. I don’t even take breaks at work! I find myself sitting at my desk from 8-4 (and sometimes longer!) without even getting up to go to the washroom! I need to force myself to take breaks, and train myself to do a daily routine.

I feel like I don’t really accomplish anything every day – even the basic things. Like flossing! So here’s my daily (or at least weekdaily) list of things I MUST do:

  1. Brush x 3
  2. Floss
  3. Meditate
  4. Take TWO regular breaks at work
    – 10:15am draw something
    – 2:15pm take at least 30 photos
  5. Take a lunch break and ACTUALLY leave my desk
  6. Post something here
    – anecdotes
    – stuff from my sketchbook
    – photos I took
  7. Read something
  8. Exercise
    – walking
    – biking
    – strength training
    – scooting
  9. Drink 8 glasses of water
  10. Take my multivitamin!

I have attached a PDF of this checklist that I am going to print (multiples of) so that I can check these activities off. Obviously, these are very basic to start – and I plan to develop custom lists of things that come up – hence the extra blank spaces at the end (for now). But I feel like I am very task oriented, and if I NEED to check these things off a list, I will be more motivated to DO them. I figure I will come back and re-evaluate this list and add/edit as needed. Hopefully – I will get to a point where I don’t even NEED the checklist!

Is it odd that I’m 32 and just starting this now?

Let’s see how this goes…