I’m looking forward to this weekend – I’m going camping! Peace and quiet, nature and self-time.

I always loved camping, seeing as our family of 6 went camping almost every summer for as long as I can remember. We had this BIG orange tent that we all fit in (until us kids started growing too much). It was the ultimate family time together. Living in, cooking in, and exploring the outdoors.

As a family, we would go to the beach, go swimming, go on Dad’s sailboat or the windsurfer (I was too little), go on a hike or a picnic, and get dirty! At night there was the amphitheater, where we would learn about wildlife or watch a movie. We might also hike out to the rocks by the water at night and lie for hours watching the northern lights, or we would have a fire with marshmallows. These were such good times, and I feel lucky that my parents were adventurous enough to take all four of their kids into the wilderness and the dirt for some good family fun!

This weekend I will be exploring a new campground at Valens Conservation area in Flamborough (near Cambridge). They have a man-made reservoir there with a lookout, swimming, hiking, and more! I think it’s going to be a great time 🙂 There are sure to be some pictures (and maybe video) that will get posted here!

In the meantime, it’s time to make some of my famous lists! I’m always making lists so I don’t forget anything, but inevitably something gets left behind. Grocery list, list of clothes to pack, list of camping gear…

Don’t forget: tomorrow is Photo Day! Stay tuned for some great pics 🙂