Here are the drawings from week 2 🙂 Two of them are silly sketches I did of “c” for my friend Sandra. I mis-spelled her name wrong, and this is the result – CRAZY drawings 🙂 The other three are just random weirdness. Enjoy!

Sandar the Horrible Take 1
Sandar the Horrible Take 1. Not sure about this one. Does he look horrible enough to you?
Sandar the Horrible Take 2
Sandar the Horrible Take 2. Reminds me a bit of Salad Fingers...
Skeleton Grave
Don't ask me, I just start drawing and this is what comes out..!
MSG soup
This is often what I eat with my lunch. It's chicken stock, but the third ingredient (after salt and sugar) is MSG!
Sticky Finger
I was thinking about tentacles and then drew some... I added the finger last 🙂