Ahh.. ok, so it’s been a busy week, weekend etc. It was a LONG weekend, soΒ theoretically, I should have had tons of time to get drawings done. Alas, I have only finished three. No excuse, I know. But I have included a BONUS! I have taken one of my drawings a step further and created a super fun computer generated character: Su Chi.

Here goes…..

Two headed doggie
A quick sketch of two-headed Levi from the creepy dream I had last week
Tribal tattoo gone wrong
I started out thinking I was going to draw a tribal tattoo inspired .. something. And - well - it's not tribal, but here it is!
Su Chi Original Character
I was typing to a friend across the internet and accidentally spelled Sushi "Suchi." The regular mockery ensued, leaving me inspired to draw Su-Chi (all you can eat) πŸ˜‰
All you can eat Su Chi
Here she is in all her glory! Like I have on many occasions she has overdone "All you can eat." She comes adorned in special patterned pants and shirt! "All you can eat" Su-Chi! Β© 2010 Sami