Here are this week’s photos! Some interesting finds from all over – my desk, around the office, and lunch time inspiration. There are so many interesting things to be captured!

He misses his house
This was the weirdest thing ever. It looks like there used to be a little shed there - and this guy seems to have built his own little fort out of pallets.
No muss!
No muss? Well, there's definitely rust. This is a photo of one of the decals on the travelling disco bus that Sandra and I found near work
MSG Zen Garden
I was playing in my MSG (chicken soup broth mix) and made a kind of little zen sand garden using my spoon. It was relaxing - and then I made soup!
reading blue bracelet
Just a photo of me reading on my lunch break.
The surface of Mars - or my peach.
The surface of Mars - or my peach