Whoa! Where did Monday go?!

Birdsfoot Trefoil?
Birdsfoot Trefoil? or weed?

On my way out to the park to walk my dog, I noticed some tiny little yellow flowers that seemed to be spreading across quite a bit of the lawns in the neighbourhood. Most people would classify these as weeds – since they are invading the beautifully manicured lawns that they have been maintaining, not to mention that they spread and grow like wildfire. But if you like cute little yellow flowers, then maybe you wouldn’t consider these to be weeds? I digress…

As I was walking, and noticing more and more patches of these little yellow creeping flowers, I wondered to myself whether I had seen these before. I don’t remember seeing creeping yellow flowers invading lawns in the past. Which led me to wonder if maybe this plant was new to the neighbourhood – and I started thinking about where it may have come from, and why I had never seen it before. Perhaps I just never really noticed them before, or maybe they were not as prevalent as last year. It could even be something like a mutated strain of some cute little buttercups – evolved to wreak havoc on our ecosystem!

Goodness knows that it’s not impossible! Look at the stories of the killer weed that is spreading across Ontario! I’m not sure where it came from – but it’s certainly wreaking havoc on our little Ontario ecosystem. Not to mention burning and blinding people who come into contact with it. This is the stuff of sci-fi movies! Alien plants cultivated to destroy the human race??

But when I think about it – it’s really interesting. I mean, how much do we simply not notice – or ignore – in our daily lives? Just like today – I’ve never really noticed those little yellow flowers creeping across the grass. Maybe they have been there for weeks, but I only noticed it now that the patch is over one metre in diameter?

What does it all mean? Could it be that these weeds will take over and lawns will be a thing of the past? Has this small evolution or change enabled this plant to destroy whole ecosystems and tip the balance of life and the food chain in our province, and subsequently the entire continent? Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself – like I said, sometimes these things are like a CRAZY sci-fi film, and your mind just gets running.

I guess it’s a smaller glimpse of the much bigger things that we also don’t notice in the world. Things that we don’t really take the time to look at until it’s too late. So I’m going to do my best to notice the little flowers, the new weeds, that crack in the wall that just appeared, and more, and more, and more… Noticing things on a small scale may clear my windshield a little so that I can better grasp the big picture!