Well, it looks like I need to brush up my skills, dust off the old brain – and come up with some more interesting things to draw. I often find that if I force myself to draw there are one of two outcomes. Either 1) I draw something unexpectedly amazing or 2) I draw a bunch of really useless stuff that has no heart or emotion in it whatsoever. I’m making some breakthroughs lately, which is good. But still working towards the unexpectedly amazing 🙂 For now, enjoy this week’s drawings!

Lost dog - answers to banana
I was thinking about a lost dog poster I saw on a post and decided to switch it up a little 🙂 I plan to upgrade this into a digital artwork
Funny lil angel
Awesome swoopy hair, angel wing (just one!), crazy eyes and a thumbs up!
crazy weird skull
I was just drawing some swooping lines and out came this skull. As I have a weird thing for teeth, I had to draw them in - a whole lot of them!
cool patterned tie and lab beakers
OK so I was doodling a tie and tried to come up with a neat design. It started off with fun lines and ended up with dripping blood. And then there are those weird lab beakers. See next drawing!
silent scientist
I was thinking this could be a cool name for a band. I'd like to upgrade this sketch to digital as well 🙂