Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to gently (but not always so subtly) corral you in a certain direction? I was definitely feeling this force the other day.

I had an appointment so was working from home, but I’m not currently staying at home, so I was using a different computer. Turns out they are over their internet quota for the month and using more would cost money. So I got myself ready and headed home to work from my PC. Recently there have been internet issues at home (and by issues, I mean a construction crew cut the lines under the road and we are still waiting for things to be fixed properly). I logged into work at home and begin chugging away. It wasn’t long before my connection began dropping out and progressed to a full-on internet outage.

Going with the flow, I continued to work on a few projects that I could do locally on my machine, hoping that the internet connection would be happier eventually. I had enough connectivity to check and respond to my emails before getting cut off again. I continued to work locally and eventually had to leave for my appointment.

I ended up being early, so while trying to decide how to kill time I wandered into a Timmy’s to treat myself to an Iced Cap for a mid-day pick-me-up. When I walked in, I checked to see if they had Interac machines, as I was not carrying any cash on me – and there was indeed a machine on the counter. I proceeded to order my icy delight and when I took out my card to pay, the girl politely informed me that the Interac machine was not yet functioning, but they did take cash and Mastercard.

Needless to say, I left Timmy’s with no refreshment. What is the universe trying to tell me? No more snacks! ?? No unplanned spending ?? I sat down to read a short story on my iPod. I got about three pages in when the battery gave out… Universe??? What’s the message here?

I headed up to my appointment, thinking being early wasn’t so bad – maybe I’ll get to go in early! But the universe wasn’t quite finished with me yet. The receptionist let me know that they were behind by about twenty minutes and asked if I could wait. Of course, I said yes. I didn’t drive 30 minutes just to turn around and go home 🙂

After all this, I kind of felt like the universe was having its way with me. But I’m confident that all these quirky happenings occurred for a good reason. It did feel like I was being shoved around a bit – maybe it was a test of my patience? If it was, I must have passed with flying colours! Rather than being angry that the internet was down and anxious about how I would be able to finish my work or communicate to co-workers, I simply hunkered down on my perfectly working computer at home and finished some projects that did not require the internet. Rather than fume at the Timmy’s lady (who was clearly not responsible for setting up the Interac) and whine about my lack of fun drink, I simply conceded to the fact that I did not have payment in one of the options available and moved on. When I got cut off from reading (in mid-sentence!) I moved on to my appointment – following the gentle push of the universe’s hand on my back. I ended up sitting in the waiting room and having some much needed time to think.

I ended up thinking about this series of events and writing it all on a scrap piece of paper.

I wonder what the universe has in store for me next? No matter what, at least I know that I am gaining the patience to deal with situations when LIFE DOES NOT GO YOUR WAY. I’m finding it a calming way to go through my day. Thanks universe, for the shove, the elbow, and the poke in the eye 🙂