I’m excited about the crazy mix of photos I have this week. I was lucky to be doing a range of different things that took me out of my usual environment! I think this is going to have to be a key in the future when taking photos – I get so much more variety! Here are this week’s photos, what do you think?

The stairway
Some cool stairs on a trail near the dog park. I just liked how they looked 🙂
Why can't anyone change the toilet paper roll?
An ode to: Why can't anyone change the toilet paper roll? People at work (likely just one person) find it difficult to change the paper roll - and there were NEW rolls on the back of the toilet!! GRR ... yes I take my camera everywhere.
Playing with my shadow
I thought it would be neat to "pick up" this cigarette butt with my shadow, since I wouldn't want to actually touch it with my hand!
The cigarette butt
I know this is the same subject matter, but it looked REALLY neat when I did a close up of it. It's gross, but it looks interesting.
More shadow play - puppy
Walking with my little man and playing with the shadows we cast...