This week’s photo day has been moved up due to my mini-vacation. While I was away, I had planned to do drawings and take photos. I ended up forgetting my sketch book and the memory card from my camera at home.  I managed to take some photos with my phone – which will not be exactly fantastic quality, but could end up being interesting nonetheless. My drawings simply did not get done, because I was too busy enjoying my time doing absolutely nothing. Drawings will be postponed until Friday, and there may only be a few of them. For now- I bring you PHONE PHOTOS!


Sunset with green sunflare
The sun was beginning to set so I took a photo - and caught a little green sunflare on the bottom of the picture 🙂
Overexposed dog dish
Overexposed dog dish - just like the colours in this photo
A bird's nest in the a
A bird's nest in the a
Beer and snacks on the lake
Beer and snacks on the lake...
Creepy plate
I'm not sure if this is Engrish or not: The Dream Makers are the Guardians of Wonder?!
Flamingo soap dispenser
Hideous - but oh so intriguing...
Rain Dome
Condensation inside this picture that had a glass dome over it.
Home made chocolate scrumptious balls
Who doesn't love shoving home made chocolate scrumptious balls in their mouth?! And for only $0.75!!