Here are this week’s finest! There are some weird ones this post, but then again – when is my stuff not weird? I’m sure you will enjoy them 🙂 The first one is inspired by some art I saw online somewhere… If I remembered where, I’d credit them for sure. But it’s not my original idea. The rest are straight from the depths of my .. uh .. ‘creative’ mind 😉 Let me know which one you like best!

Be sure to click the photos to see them in more detail 🙂

Patterned hair
This is the 'inspired by online art' drawing. Crazy patterned hair on a random face
cyclops kitten
Don't ask why, I have no idea - this is just what came out that day 🙂
I was thinking about how happy you make me, then I realized you don't.
Someone was saying to me how happy someone else made them - and it made me think of this statement, so I had to draw something to go along with it 🙂
You are my sunshine!
I think this is my favourite from this week. I was singing the "you are my sunshine" song in my head and wanted to draw a sun that looked the opposite of what that song means!! 🙂