Do you ever wonder if there is something else to things? What I mean by that is, do you think there is something else to this world – another level?

Let me try to explain. Often, people find that there are common currents in their life that they simply can’t swim against, or recurring themes or things that keep reminding you that there is a theme or a path that you are on – and that these things are just markers letting you know you’re still on the right path. Or maybe they are reminders to keep you on the path?

I’m talking nonsense… I’ll try to give an example. And this could be complete garbage, but I’m not convinced 🙂 Since I was small – as far back as I remember – the number 47 has been popping up in my life. I noticed it very early. I’d almost always happen to look at the clock at XX:47, usually many times a day. There were other occurrences of this number in my daily life. This occurs still today… I find that there are 47 items in my inbox. I will notice that I happen to look down when I’m on page 47 of a book. Mail that I receive has this number stamped mysteriously on it.

OK, so maybe I sound crazy. It reminds me of that movie – The Number 23 – with Jim Carrey. He manages to find a tie to the number 23 (which has special significance mathematically) in just about everything in his life and it ends up driving him nuts. Now I have never taken it that far, but still – it makes me wonder if the number 47 has some kind of significance, or maybe it is just a symbol (my symbol?)… signposts on the path that is my life.

I’m sure anyone might say that because the number 47 is in my head – because I have “given” it this significance in my life, that this is why I notice it all the time. This could very well be why it “pops” up everywhere – simply because I am subconsciously looking for it. But I still have this feeling that there is something more to it. I feel like these recurring symbols are a guidance system, or a way to let you know that you’re on the right path – or perhaps those moments are when you are straying from the path – and good old 47 brings you back again…

47 has become a sort of companion to me. Now when it pops up, I am not alarmed and do not search for significance – it simply makes me smile. I still have no idea what it means, what the significance of the number is, or what it may be telling me…

Do you have a recurring number, a recurring theme, a special word that seems to follow you around? I agree that it’s entirely possible that this could all be in our heads – but what if it isn’t?