Hey! Late post… but I made it before the end of the day. The internet has been giving me grief today, but I got my drawings done 🙂 This week’s drawings are a little odd. I got a new sketchbook – and expressed my excitement in a drawing. I absolutely LOVE new sketchbooks, new pens, new pencils.. I find new stationery inspiring!! And, clearly it worked – because I was inspired to draw two more (third and fourth) pretty spectacular pictures as well! Let me know which is your favourite (and why)! Don’t forget to click on an image to enlarge it 🙂

The first page in my new sketchbook
The first page in my new sketchbook clearly shows my enthusiasm for new stationery... I LOVE it!!!
quick drawing of my hand
I did a quick drawing of my hand. It's a little out of proportion and lacking detail, but this is pretty much what my hand looks like 🙂
Meat and Greet
Meat and Greet - a play on words... just thought this was funny with the steak meeting the chicken leg!
Pear of socks
My personal favourite - Pear of socks! I was working with plays on words.. and this is what came out! Maybe this is where they go when you pull singles out of the dryer?