Welcome to this week’s drawings post! For something different, we have a “Skirmish of sketches!” My good friend Sandra and I sat down and I challenged us to a sketch-off… Not to see who could draw better, but to see how similar or differently we would draw the SAME subject matter. Each of us took a turn thinking of a random object, announced it, and then we had one minute (timed!) to draw that object. Sitting side by side, our pencils scratching furiously, we found that a minute is a lot shorter than we thought πŸ˜‰ Have a look at the results below! Β Which is your favourite drawing pair?

I'm not sure why the frog is Stupid πŸ˜‰ Look how cute they are!!!
Hot air balloon
Here are our drawings of "Hot Air Balloon" very similar but some distinct differences!
We each drew a dead tree! Both have interesting details πŸ™‚
Light Bulb
Here are our light bulbs - notice that both are lit!
We both drew high heeled shoes. One has a foot, the other doesn't!
Our castles both have moats - but Sandra's has sharks and archers!!! High security πŸ˜‰