Last week I cracked my molar and was trying to take a picture of the hole in the back of my mouth. I ended up fogging up the camera, and getting several pictures of my tongue. I got a couple interesting shots, though – and thus became the inspiration for this week’s photos! They are both intriguing and kind of gross at the same time. It’s sort of like looking at a horrible accident, you want to see what’s going on there, but are horrified by what you see, and find yourself unable to look away! I hope you enjoy this week’s pics – Oh, I added the last one for your sanity 🙂

Don’t forget to click the photos if you’d like to enlarge them and see more detail!

innards and teeth
Innards and teeth - trying to take a picture of my molar!
Red parts
Red parts - I took a picture of the inside of my mouth and the flash went off behind my other cheek resulting in this creepy red picture - UNTOUCHED!
body parts toes
Fingers, toes? Either way, they are hairy!
The pink/black hole
Cracks, crevices, curves and wrinkles in pink, and black... made by my hand
bleeding knee
My bleeding knee after a roller blading incident. I like the texture of my skin and the brightness of the blood
dew drops
I told you the last one was to save your sanity from all these gross photos! Some beautiful dew drops hanging delicately off the edge of a leaf early in the morning...