Howdy! As promised, here are my weekly drawings. They are two days late (postponed!) but fantastic nonetheless. I decided that all my drawings this week would be in pen – so I went with the flow 🙂 I added some colour to a few of them to spice them up! The first one was inspired by my Tuesday munchies – I had blueberries with my breakfast, and blueberry pie at lunch – so I was blueberried out that day! The others.. well 🙂 Let me know which one is your fave!

Don’t forget to click on them to get a closer look!


King Blueberry
King blueberry was inspired by my heavily blueberry diet on Tuesday 🙂 Complete with a dented crown…
Crazy patterns
I love to draw patterns. This time I tried to apply the same style and detail to all the elements. There’s a hidden beaver (and other things)
I saw a pinecone on the ground and was thinking about ice cream at the same time – and this is the result of my thought process! Imagine how painful just one lick could be….
eight ate
Stemming from the homonyms Ate & Eight… I wanted to add a little extra weirdness to this one – so made the 8 into siamese twins! Only one of them ate 😉