This morning I was thinking about the furrow.

What furrow you ask? Well, the furrow in your brow! I have a theory on furrows…

The furrow!I have been practicing anti-furrow techniques and I think it’s working! Have you ever been driving to work, sitting eating your lunch, or just enjoying the day – and noticed your brow was furrowed for no apparent reason? This happens to me frequently. I don’t have any terrible thoughts running through my mind, and the sun isn’t making me squint my eyes… so why is my brow furrowed? Now, sometimes a furrow is created by negative feelings or experiences – but the unconscious furrow is a bit of a mystery. Whether the furrow is caused by negative events, or just appears mysteriously and without reason, I have noticed a few things by experimenting with my furrow.

When your brow is furrowed, I have a feeling that it automatically puts your body and mind into a mildly negative spin. You naturally begin going with the furrow-flow and thinking of negative things, feeling negative feelings, reliving bad memories. The furrow sucks you into its state – thus perpetuating its lifespan on your face. I think the furrow likes being there, so tries to create more negativity so that it can stay alive longer.

Also, when your brow is furrowed – other people respond to your body language. Whether consciously or subconsciously, people notice your furrow and are automatically alerted that something negative may be happening. Our instincts kick in – our brow furrows in response (again whether consciously or subconsciously, it doesn’t matter) and the domino effect ensues. Soon there is a stream of brow furrowing – and all this because of one unconscious furrow!

I have noted some other things as well. If I notice myself furrowing, whether for no apparent reason – or because something is causing me to be furrowed, when I consciously unfurrow my brow and relax my face muscles… I find that my mood changes almost instantly. Could this facial expression trigger negative thoughts and feelings in the mind? I think it does! And it becomes a snowball effect.

Consider this: You are having a fantastic day and something insignificant or subconscious causes your brow to furrow . This starts a chain of events that effects not only you, but anyone who can see your body language. With brow furrowed, you begin thinking about the negative incident you witnessed the other day, which causes you to worry about something vaguely related, leading you to an absolutely terrible mood… I could go on. Someone – a complete stranger! – sees your furrow and their furrow is triggered (again – this could be entirely subconscious!) and their own cycle of furrow-related events ensue.

In my experimentation – I have noticed the following: When I notice that my brow is furrowed and unfurrow it (whether I am smiling or just have a calm face), I consciously notice that not only does it put me in a better mood, but the others around me (strangers or not) seem to be gradually transported to a better mood as well. It’s simple – try it!

Perhaps the brow furrow triggers a certain area of your brain – or vice versa 😉 Either way, if you notice your brow furrowing – whether something terrible is happening, or you notice an unconscious furrow – relax your brow and take note of how it alters not only your calmness, but the calmness of others around you!