Hello readers! I apologize for the two day hiatus.
Things have just been crazy busy and I have ideas running around in my head, but can’t seem to find ten minutes to sit down and post them on the blog. Weekly drawings are a day late too! Hope you don’t mind the delay – but I have five new and “interesting” drawings! You can click on them to see more detail, and don’t forget to let me know which one is your favourite, and why 🙂

I really do not have much of an explanation of this one. I suspect your expression will match this character’s as you gander at the oddity….
Your elephant is standing on my foot
My facebook status earlier this week was “Your elephant is standing on my foot” so I drew it 😉
Save the day
I was thinking about sayings we use daily – and how odd it would be if I was literal about it…
Ear wig
I saw an earwig on a plant and went about drawing a literal interpretation of the word.. sort of creepy!
Sorcery will get you NOWHERE!
I have no idea why this random group of words popped into my mind, but I felt compelled to draw