Wow, 9 weeks 🙂 This week, I learned that slugs eat mushrooms quite vigorously! I definitely found some interesting subject matter… Click on the photos to make them larger – and vote for your favourite 🙂 I welcome comments and criticism!

dead worm in puddle
I was out on my scooter and saw this poor dead worm (amongst a handful of his siblings) drowned in a puddle. I like the textures that I captured here 🙂
Another peach bum
I brought a peach to work to have as a snack, and when I pulled it out to eat it, I found that it had a very prominent bum!
Blender switch
Frozen drinks are fantastic - especially when they are made in an automatic frozen drink maker!!! I found this switch very tempting to flick.
Lost shoes
On a scooter excursion I found these shoes hanging over some playground equipment... I played with this one (a bit too much?) in Photoshop.
Slug breakfast
I call this "Slug breakfast." As I headed out to my car this morning, I saw this guy (about 6 inches long) chowing down on some mushrooms in the yard. He had already consumed half of one giant mushroom!