Recently I’ve been thinking about self esteem and how we view ourselves. Moreso – I have been thinking about how much we concern ourselves with what other people think of us… or more specifically what we think other people think of us.

Too many times we make decisions based on making sure you will look good, or putting in the extra effort because you want to make sure the recipient of said effort thinks the best of you. Not only that, but we make choices on fashion, music, and lifestyle based on what we perceive other people to approve of.  Why do we need the approval of others to make these decisions?

I have decided that as long as what I’m doing is not hurting anyone, that if it pleases me I’m going to do it, or wear it, or buy it. If those jeans are comfortable and I like them, but my friends all think I have terrible pants, I’m going to wear them anyways! I feel as if there is a caveat to this, though. Using this example of jeans, one must be careful that they are not simply wearing the jeans because they have been influenced by the majority or by clever marketing – this is still making a decision based on what others will think! But, if the jeans happen to be popular, and you like them anyways because they are good jeans, I think this is a perfectly fantastic decision 😉

Who hasn’t bought a shirt or some music because it’s popular? Because it’s the fashion or the fad? I certainly have.  This act is related to the ego too! It’s a desire to be part of the masses, so that you can be accepted and loved. The ego is sneaky, so we have to use our conscious mind to make decisions. Regardless of who likes your jeans, or who else is wearing them… try to separate yourself. Do you like them? Do they look good on you? Do you feel comfortable? If you answered yes to all of those questions, then it doesn’t matter if your friends hate them, or if you will look like a sheep following the latest trend. Don’t blatantly not be a sheep because you want to be unique. Be and do what makes you comfortable and happy – regardless of what anyone around you is thinking or doing!

My point? Who cares what other people think?! Make your decisions based on you 🙂 It’s difficult to remove the influences – but everyone is capable.