The Queen's English DictionaryLast week I went to a used book fair and found this interesting little book. At first I thought it was a joke, but after closer examination, I found that “A dictionary of The Queen’s English” was written in all seriousness!!!

The first two sentences of the preface read: To outsiders it sounds strange, even uncultured. But what many North Carolinians do to the King’s English was done centuries ago by the Queen. There are many humerous definitions found in this little book. All should be read with a southern American accent, like the following:

  • Blowed (for blown and blew) – The wind had blowed all night. The steady wind blowed the ship off course.
  • Mought (for might) – I mought go fishing today.
  • far (for fire) – The far was blazing like the dickens!

Two of my illustrations are from this funny little dictionary, one is a close copy of a picture from google, and the other two – are from the depths of my mind! Enjoy, and don’t forget to click to enlarge or see more detail 🙂

My drawing of a slipperslide 🙂
The arn was sure heavy 😉
I did a virtual copy from a google image. I’d credit the original artist, but I didn’t copy the URL! 🙂
Death Stare!
This is my interpretation of a death stare 😉
Spicy Beef Salad
I was thinking about this amazing spicy been salad I had when in Thailand… and began drawing 😉