You’re in an unknown office, a new apartment, or someone else’s place. When you walk into a room and flip the light switch, some lights go on. You flip the next switch and the room is lit. There is a third switch. You flip it on, and nothing happens. A few more on-off on-off flicks follow, as you gaze around the room looking to see what lights up or turns on as a result. Even though you know that likely this switch doesn’t work, you still find yourself investigating as to what it could be turning on (or off). You flick the switch a few more times, looking inside the room, and out. Sometimes you go as far as looking from room to room to see if this switch controls something further away.

Likely, the switch is not connected to anything at all. But we still insist on flicking it up and down, expecting something to happen.

This happened to me this morning… and I found myself spending time worrying about the switch, thinking about the wiring, and wondering if it was ever connected to anything in the first place. My mind drifted into a scenario involving the home’s previous owners putting the new switch in… Why did I go to all this mental trouble? Does it really matter?

And when I was leaving the room, I even flipped the switch a few more times and peered around to see what else turned on šŸ˜‰