This past week I:

  • went to the market
  • ate some strange fruit
  • found a crumb
  • licked something

Here are the results of my adventures! Don’t forget to click on an image to enlarge it and see more detail 🙂

Farmer's Market Veggies
A visit to the farmers' market yeilded some beautiful fall colours!
Ground Cherries
I saw some strange little things that looked like chinese lanterns. Turns out they are Ground Cherries!

What are ground cherries? Click to watch a video about ground cherries!

Complimentary colours
I was eating my apple and noticed how beautiful the colour on my nail looked against the green apple. I had to take a picture of these complimentary colours 🙂
star shaped crumb
I was munching on some bread (in my room) and saw this star-shaped crumb on my cover.
Gobstopper: the hundredth lick
I bought a giant gobstopper this week and took a photo of it after my hundredth lick. It kind of looks like a planet!
Bee trying to get his honey back
This is just a bonus. At the farmer's market, I saw a bee trying to get his honey back... I thought it was funny and sort of sad at the same time 🙂 I can just imagine him screaming "That's my house!!!" Poor bee!