What is it about bread that keeps you coming back for more? Not just white bread either, although it’s definitely on the top of my list. Rye bread, pumpernickel bread, sourdough bread, rolls, buns, pastries, dough…

I was at a local bakery this weekend to pick up a couple of fresh loaves of bread for lunch, and found myself inundated with the wonderful smells and sights. My mouth was instantly watering, and I could easily have loaded up a basket with a dozen different things, taken them all home, and eaten them all that day. Luckily, my common sense prevailed, and I stuck to a loaf of light rye and a loaf of sourdough bread (both baked fresh that day). I ended up having a two sandwiches – one using the light rye, and one using the sourdough. I couldn’t have just one, it was too good.

So what is it about bread? Why is is so satisfying, so irresistible, so versatile, so addictive? Personally, I’m a fan of carbs, and think that carbs should be enjoyed – as well as life! So it doesn’t bother me that bread is so addictive and wonderful, I just find myself thinking about it sometimes.

There must be some trigger when the smell or the taste hits you telling your brain that this is good – so get more!

I have three slices of yummy, squishy, nutritionless white bread this morning with my tea. I didn’t toast them. I didn’t put anything on them. I just ate them as is. And it made me happy!