As per usual, I have some “interesting” creations that I cooked up this week.  Sometimes I wonder if my brain has a weird stamp on it…. Click images to enlarge them, and don’t forget to let me know which ones you like best – and maybe even why! 🙂 Thanks!

I wondered how disturbing it would be if your mouth was on the tip of your nose, instead of below it!
O'toolz Toolz
I was thinking about people with funny names, and this is what came out of my pen 🙂
Spider Plant
I drew my spider plant. Nothing weird here, except that maybe it looks a little creepy 🙂
I drew my Cacti too… They have bulbous heads 🙂
Bumpy the lumpy three-legged dinosaur
I invented a new species of dinosaur – the Cystasaurus… She has a skin condition, please don’t make fun 🙂