Welcome to this week’s photos. I captured an interesting array of odd, and pretty this week. My favourite is the last one… Just love the exposure on it! The others are equally fun and interesting. Hope you enjoy them!

Residential Bunny
I call him Residential Bunny! This is a bunny I saw in a residential area. I didn't even notice him until I practically stepped on him and he hopped a few meters away! Danger bunny 🙂
Little case
This is the result of me mucking around taking photos of my little metal zippered case. I put a Photoshop edge darkening filter on it.
The shower head
When I'm in the shower, I often look up at the shower head. I took a photo of it one morning. In photoshop I mucked with the exposure levels and now it kinda looks like a still from a horror film!
 The plant I killed
A photo of a plant that I killed by neglect. Untouched. I just like the colour of the pot popping off the neutrals, and the yellow punch in the background.
In the sewer
In the sewer are leaves, pine needles, cigarette butts, and bubbles...
Garbage can
My favourite by far. This is a photo of one of those large garbage cans. I stuck my camera in the hole where the big trucks put their forks to lift it up. Pretty neat 🙂