I had a sort of epiphany this morning. Actually, it was a direction I hadn’t thought of in terms of a subject. That’s one reason why I enjoy having  a longer commute to work, I often have the time to mull things over – and interesting things come to light!

So this morning’s epiphany had to do with Karma. I have always been thinking in one direction with Karma – which is that Karma happens to you as a result of you not being as compassionate a person as you could be. But I think Karma has another point as well. How did I arrive at this epiphany, you ask? (this little bit may help explain things better)

As I was driving, someone came up behind me rather quickly. I was stopped so kind of worried a little, as I watched them in my rear-view mirror, that they might hit me. I had a mini-dream in my head about what would happen if they did hit me, the damage that would be done to both cars, and injuries to the drivers. Not only that, but this accident would cause a traffic dilemma for hundreds of people and affect the days of all of them, not just us involved in the accident.

After my mini-dream, it got me to thinking. In that situation most people sit there thinking “why me?” People always wonder what they have done to deserve these bad things to be happening to them. Well, that was just it. That was my epiphany. Karma is also a way of the universe kicking you in the butt and saying “don’t forget compassion, don’t forget to love, don’t forget to be a good person.” It’s not always about things you have done in your past coming back to haunt you. I think maybe it’s a kind of pay it forward message from the universe, saying “Be a better human being.”

This is easier said than done, but understanding that this is part of the message is a step in the right direction!