When I think to myself, often I hear a voice in my head. Usually it is my own voice, unless it is advice from my mother, in her voice… Or a saying from someone close to me, in their voice. The mind is very powerful. The voices that I think in are always true to the source and sound exactly the way I remember hearing them. I also think in images, sounds, and “ideas” – things that are neither images, sounds, or anything else I can label.

Thoughts are constantly being expressed inside my head as conversations that I can hear, along with imagery (intertwined with other memory-senses). Not only that, but often when I read, there is a voice that I can hear in my head that is narrating the story as I read the words. My mind is like having an internal radio program or movie (or second-life as it were!) all the time.

I think this is pretty common for most people. They think and read in a voice inside their head, they see imagery, the remember smells and feelings. Now, some people hear other voices in their head, but that’s a differet conversation altogether.

What I’m getting at is this… I was wondering (in my internal voice) about people who are deaf from birth  from birth. They have never “heard” a voice… Ever! They have never heard a sound! So I was wondering what terms they thought in? My guess would be that they think in imagery, along with other senses that they possess. I’m honestly questioning here… They might think in visual words, like writing in the head. But babies don’t know how to write, so I wonder if those that are deaf think in visual thougts instead of spoken word? Or if it can even be explained? I even wonder if the mind has the capacity to create sounds, smells, sensations and other things that we have never felt/heard/smelled/seen before??

Alternately, I wonder if those that were born blind and have never seen anything think in an auditory way. How do they dream? Do they think in a voice?

I’m sure someone out there can answer my questions 🙂 and I don’t mean to offend anyone in asking: I ask innocently.

Do you know?