Welcome to this week’s art infusion. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Sandra Philpotts! Sandra is a very talented and creative artist that I have known for over 6 years. The mediums she uses are painting and drawing, but whatever way Sandra chooses to express herself the outcome is always amazing! I really like Sandra’s art, because her creative capacity is awesome – not to mention some of her stuff is a little crazy like mine!

Here, you will see five of her paintings – all with different moods and styles. Let me know what you think – and which is your favourite! Enjoy this week’s art!

This one was done with a pallet knife – amazing textures! Sort of like Picasso… It’s amazing! (and also my personal fave of the five!)
The tree! I love the colours in this one 🙂
This is just beautiful – It’s both inviting and has a kind of eerie air to it! Haunted?
I really enjoy the colours captured in the clouds and the very stark silhouettes of the trees.
The super bright yellow in this painting makes me happy 🙂