My friend Aurora brought up a good point today and got me thinking.

We often put things off until later, or tomorrow. We tell ourselves we don’t have time for this now, or that it can wait until next week. I can see that this is a sort of way of prioritizing things, but what if we are not going to be here next week? What if we knew that we only had a certain amount of time to get the most important things done – how would our priorities change?

My other good friend Dani also addressed this point with me. A few times, Dani called me a “gunna.” What she meant by this was that I was “gunna” do this or “gunna” do that… but did I ever get to those tasks? Sometimes yes, but sometimes no!

So what is it that makes us think this way? Is it laziness? Is it lack of motivation to get certain things done?

I suppose there should be a fair balance between cramming in too many tasks, activities, and priorities – I mean, we have to live our lives right? But what if we got hit by a bus tomorrow? What if the earth spun of its axis, throwing us all into the vacuum of space? What experiences would you want to have before that moment? And why aren’t you getting them done now!?!

This brings us back to the old saying: Carpe Diem *Seize the Day!* How different would our lives be if we lived each day like it was our last? Our relationships would certainly be different… we’d be more forgiving and more accepting of each other, I bet! But things like survival get in the way.. the need to have a job and pay the bills. I am constantly struggling to find the balance between “getting things done” and “living life.” I would much prefer to simply live life and have experiences – but for that I think I may need to be independently wealthy.

So in terms of my every day life, I suppose I could practice simple things. Like being less judgmental of others, being more forgiving, showing and giving more love and compassion, and making an effort to follow my dreams!

Carpe Diem, people!!! *LOVE*