A few days ago I was driving home from work after a stressful day. Of course, there were some drivers around me that were not exactly being considerate – and I was struggling to find serenity and calm amongst the traffic. It seemed like I was surrounded by selfish people with absolutely no regard for their safety or the safety of others around them. One after another, these cars zipped in and out of traffic cutting me and others off, getting a whole car-length ahead of people so that they could feel as if they are getting somewhere faster.

I was grumpily waiting at a stoplight, and made a left to continue heading home. Just then – I looked across the horizon and literally saw a cloud with a silver lining. Instantly, I had to smile – and all the grumpiness dissolved. I wish I could have taken a photo at that moment, it was beautiful. It had been raining, and the clouds were dark. In the near distance were some clouds that were precipitating and looked like a shimmery curtain. In the far distance – behind these shimmery clouds were some great big puffy dark clouds. Behind them, shining brightly, was the sun. It created the most beautiful silver lining around these dark puffy clouds – and the shimmery rain clouds in the near distance blocked the sun from being in my eyes. It was a most wonderful sight.

Often things like this happen – we are experiencing something negative and a silver lining comes along (literally or figuratively). But usually, we miss this opportunity to vanquish the negativity and simply bask in the beauty of nature, or enjoy the silver lining that is presenting itself to us.

So whether the silver lining is a friend trying to cheer you up, a stranger with an odd smile on their face, a song that comes on the radio at just the right time, or an ACTUAL silver lining – let yourself notice it! Be taken away on that river of positivity, instead of continuing on the river of negativity that has such a quick and strong current! There are always forks in the river – and we can choose whether we see the silver linings or not 🙂