Next week, Β I will be showcasing another featured artist –Β Mariangela Giuliane Guida da Cunha! She is a very talented artist from Brazil. Mostly she says she just doodles in the margins of her books, but her drawings and her imagination are wonderful! Giulie has a wonderful sense of humour and crazyness that shows itself in her imagery. Check out next Wednesday’s post to see more from Giulie, but here is a small sample:

This week, I have four fun-filled sketches for you. Enjoy! Β You can click all the images to enlarge them and see more detail πŸ™‚

Steve the turtle gets a new view
I have no idea… I was watching this movie that had “Steve the turtle” in it, and I drew this while watching πŸ™‚
Recipe for Smoker's Lung Black Tar Pie
I started drawing a recipe card and adding odd ingredients. The title came last πŸ™‚
Candle burning
I drew this while waiting for an appointment. I only had to wait about 8 minutes.. not bad!
White picket fence
An obvious play on the term “white picket fence” I added the grungy background to enhance the feeling.