This week was quite eventful! I went to Downey’s Farm with some friends and had a good old harvest time. I love the fall! I also included some interesting shots from a small-venue concert that I went to featuringΒ Β Hot Hot Heat. And of course, I included an interesting snapshot of my dog… Don’t forget to click on the images to enlarge them if you want to see more detail πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


Pumpkin patch
There were HUNDREDS of pumpkins at Downey's farm! It was amazing to see the field of orange orbs!



Goat eclipse
There were two goat pens on either side of a pathway - and a special goat catwalk above, leading from one pen to another. This daredevil was walking high above us. I call it "Goat Eclipse"



The pitcher
I took this shot down the little bar we were sitting at before watching the concert. I got a neat sort of pinhole effect because it was so dark in there - and so light at the end of the table.



Hot Hot Heat
Captured an interesting shot of Steve Bays from Hot Hot Heat. I just love the lighting and the colours on this one.



Grass in the eye
My little doggie was playing in the yard. He came in to greet me and I saw that he had grass ON his eyeball. I thought that it had to hurt, but didn't want to touch it and make things worse... He didn't seem to mind πŸ˜›