I like plants. I like taking care of them. I like seeing new shoots and leaves unfurling in the sunlight. And I definitely talk to them. Maybe it’s some kind of maternal instinct?

I currently have 14 different plants, as well as one pot with new seeds trying to grow, and a cutting from a friend’s plant that I’m trying to root. Most of these are in my room, packed onto a metal shelf. I have an amazing window that keeps them all happy and in the sun. They get turned periodically so they don’t grow lopsided. In the morning I like to check on them and see if anything new has sprouted.

This morning I checked on my Christmas cactus – it has 46 buds and 3 flowers. Thrilling news! My spider plant has three new shoots growing from it. The Jabanero pepper seeds I planted two weeks ago are sprouting. I keep checking on my orchids. One has 7 new buds getting ready to BURST into flower. The other has just recovered from a serious case of “floppy leaf.” I found that talking to it every morning and telling the little orchid that it could do it helped a great deal 🙂

My plants make me smile. It makes me happy to see them healthy and growing steadily. The cool thing about plants is that they never talk back. They don’t have temper tantrums. They don’t need baths. Plants just require a little bit of love and care (and patience)  – not to mention water and sun 🙂 And you don’t have to send them to university!

There are so many cool things about plants. You can split them and share them with friends. You can watch them grow and flower. Sometimes they get sick and you are challenged with nursing them back to health! I LOVE PLANTS! They are so versatile and interesting. They are so beautiful! I think caring for them is therapeutic too. I just love checking on things to make sure everything is growing properly. I like to prune the dead leaves and make sure the soil is even. It’s like having a little green family with me always!