OK, so I may have had a busy week last week. No excuse! I could have made time for writing, drawing, and photos… I often have trouble keeping my priorities straight, but practice makes perfect!

Here are this week’s drawings 🙂 There are only three of them, but I’m BACK IN THE SADDLE, BABY!!!

Paul the Portly Presenter
I drew this one after seeing several gentleman of the same size and shape.. It’s like marketing that gets stuck in your head 🙂
Octopus lips
I really like Octopi, and I think they are majestic, mysterious, cool, and also a little bit scary. I respect them 🙂 I was thinking about how interesting/difficult life would be if our lips included a set of tentacles 🙂 Kissing would definitely be different!
Angry Kitty
This is a quick sketch I did of Sandra and Chris’ angry kitty. He is cute (and portly) but never seems to be in a good mood. I think it’s because he is always hungry… and slightly insane.