Hello, and welcome to my late Friday edition of Photo day! As mentioned a few weeks ago, today I am featuring the photography of DeE Barkhouse. DeE doesn’t consider herself to be a “photographer,” likely because that is not her profession, but I think she can definitely call herself a photographer! She has an amazing eye for shapes, colours, compositions, textures, and just plain interesting things. Not only that, but DeE takes time to practice her photography, she pushes her limits and tries new things. She also flexes her creativity muscles by playing with her photography on the computer as well. It doesn’t always work out perfectly, but that’s what makes DeE’s artwork (yes, I said artwork) real, and quite stellar! Please enjoy DeE’s photography, and take time to visit her flickr site and view her entire collection!

A small collection of DeE’s older photos to whet your appetite (click the thumbnails to be taken to a larger photo on DeE’s flickr:

Here are the latest and greatest from DeE!