This may be common sense to a lot of people, but I was thinking about this yesterday…

Our mood directly affects how we see things. I walked outside my office around lunch time to run some errands. I opened the door to a beautiful sunny fall day. The breeze hit my face, the sun warmed my skin, and I felt wonderful. Thinking back, there have been many days just like this when my mood was drastically different. What did I notice on those days? How cold the days were getting, how all the trees look dead, the shadows plastering themselves darkly across the ground. Mood can definitely alter how you see things.

So how do we circumvent our mood, and allow ourselves to take everything in? Yes there are dark shadows across the ground, but what interesting shapes they create. Sure, it’s getting colder, but the weather is pretty nice (at least it’s not snowing!).

This is what is called open-mindedness. Letting the good in with the bad, and allowing ourselves a more complete view of our surroundings and situations – so that we can make a more informed decision about what we see, hear, feel, taste, experience, etc. But that’s not to say that this always works, or that it’s easy. I definitely think it’s easier to be open minded when you are feeling more balanced and happy in life. This all takes a tremendous amount of practice, and it is as complicated as it is simple.