When I was a kid, I thought I had super powers of some kind, but they hadn’t fully developed yet. I’d try doing super jumps to see if I could fly, even for a moment or two – proving my powers. I’d try lifting unliftable things (like the family car) in hopes that it would move just a millimeter, so that I could know that I was a super-girl in the making.

The one superpower that I was convinced that I had was telekinesis (the ability to move objects with your mind). I had a spider plant hanging in my bedroom when I was young, and late at night I’d lay in bed and concentrate all my powers on it and try to make it move with my mind. I swear there were a few occasions where it did move minutely, and other times where it began swinging gently back and forth. Now, whether that was due to the power of my mind, or some draft floating through the room, I may never know.

Sometimes, even today, I still try to move things with my mind. I know it might be silly, but it’s good to keep a little silly-ness in adult hood 🙂