I had  a bunch of photos saved from week 14 (things got a little screwed up there) and completely forgot about them! So here are the long lost photos from about 2 weeks ago. I finally got to capture some proper tilt-shift images, as well as some interesting closeups. Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE IMAGES to enlarge them and get more detail!


cool double exposure
This is a photo I took while riding the train. It has a neat green colour to it (due to the coating on the windows) and you can clearly see my camera lens sort of 'double exposed' over the image.



I was able to capture some neat tilt-shift images that make the people of Toronto look like they are trapped in a model!



Another tilt shift that showcases a tiny model construction site... 🙂



A teeny tiny model train yard... created from the real thing! NEAT!



I managed to snap a pic of this really weird sunset. The sun was struggling to get through this interesting precipitation happening in the clouds!



I took a closeup photo of this huge sign to see if I could pick up the individual "pixels" in print. I ended up with this very interesting abstract pointilist photo!