Ahh *stretch* good to be back! I’ve been battling with strep throat and copious amounts of thick, green, and sometimes chunky, infected phlegm. Most of it gets disposed of, but occasionally some slips down my throat and makes my tummy uber angry with me. Needless to say, I have conquered the germs (almost) and life must go on!

The holidays are upon us. People are hustling and bustling, shopping and wrapping… even me! This year I have decided to try and put some personal effort into my gifts. I have made my own cards (which will be posted on here in the new year), and created a few presents from scratch. Sure, I have gone to the store and fulfilled some Christmas wishes by purchasing things on people’s lists – but I think putting in a little effort and making something adds a little meaning to the gift-giving.

My family is heavily dispersed this year – one brother and my sister are in Australia, the other brother is travelling to Brazil over Christmas. Growing up I was used to my entire family getting together to open mountains of presents. I think it’s going to be a really great holiday, actually – just hanging out with mom and her man! It will be quiet, and I’ll be spending time with those I love – just like it’s meant to be… not the race from one family house to another, wrapping thousands of gifts, unwrapping thousands of gifts, trying to fit all the gifts into the car, exchanging the gifts you don’t like, recycling all that paper… it just seems so *FraZzLing* sometimes. I really look forward to a quiet few days at mom’s place, playing games together and enjoying each others’ company.

I guess as you get older, the hustle and bustle of the holiday seems less *necessary* and it’s no longer about the gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I still kind of like the gifts… but I treasure most the time I get to spend with my loved ones.

What are you doing this holiday season?