Hello, dear reader. If you’ve been following my blog since the new year, you’re probably reading this and thinking “What is this crap, and where is the last part of the meditation series?” Well, I have a post planned for tomorrow that wraps up the entire experience – so you’ll just have to wait! I wanted to take a short break from all this meditation stuff and please your creative and silly side with some photographs! Stay tuned tomorrow for Dhamma – Part 7!

It’s fun to have my phone with me, because you never know when you will see something photo-worthy, or just plain weird! Every once in a while, I clean out the photos on my phone and flip through them. Often there are some fun ones in the stack that I forgot I had taken! Here are some of the best 🙂

Help stop the sneak thief!
I had to snap a photo of this sign. It reads "Help stop the sneak thief" and encourages people to lock their cars. What I love is the burglar hiding behind the brick wall!
That's some piece of meat
While shopping at Costco - the store where EVERYTHING is family sized - I saw this HUGE pork roast, and couldn't help but take a photo of it
Christmas Cactus in bloom
A pic I snapped of my Christmas cactus in bloom. This pot holds three plants - hence the colour difference in the blooms 🙂
Andy the octopus
I took a photo of Andy the octopus - a little guy I picked up at the one of a kind show. He's made from sweaters and socks!
Weapons - isn't it time you felt safe?
I pass this building on the way to and from work. One day I noticed a new sign on this building. It reads (In huge letters) WEAPONS. Underneath "Isn't it time you felt safe?" and beside it is a large cross. I still have NO idea what this is all about, but it's definitely interesting!
Fragile - handle like eggs
I saw this writing on a box and it struck me as oddly specific. No one would cut, tear, punch or damage an egg... so I suppose it works!
Men waiting while their women shop
I titled this "Men waiting while their women shop" I walked into a LaSenza and saw these two guys playing with their phones as their wives and daughters shopped...
Amisi the wonder dog
A cute picture of my friend's little Boston Terrier. She's a sweetie!