OK, so I missed Wednesday’s post. There is no excuse. Like a good friend of mine kindly reminds me – it’s not that I didn’t have time, it’s that I didn’t MAKE time. It’s so true.

Thursday I was driving to work and I had my driving mitties on. I wear them because the steering wheel is COLD. As I was driving I noticed what I thought was the ever-pleasant smell of McDonald’s fries… I sniffed and drove happily. It was not long before I realized the smell was coming from my driving mitties that I had worn the previous day while shoveling. The ‘french fry’ smell was actually the smell of hand-sweat! Which brought me to a new thought. Do McDonalds french fries smell like sweat? Or did my mitties actually smell like fries? Either way, disturbing!

Some photos from my adventures:

Ralph Lauren Shirt
While shopping, I saw this shirt that all at once looked like someone had vomitted on it AND like something I really wanted to buy. Why? It's GOOD ugly. One of those things that is SO UGLY, it becomes beautiful. This Ralph Lauren shirt was retailing at a mere $180. I would totally have worn it.
St Patrick's Day Glasses
St. Patrick's Day is coming up. I think these glasses become self explanatory at this point 😉
my frozen bottle
I accidentally left a bottle of water in the car and it froze SOLID. If you look closely, you can see an air bubble trapped in the middle.