OK, so the apartments I have seen were not this bad... but there were some seriously disgusting bathrooms, and places with holes in the walls.. bad!

So… I’ve been looking for an apartment. When I first started, I was excited. There seemed to be so many prospects in my price range! I quickly found out that I was going to be up against some interesting obstacles…

I began emailing places that had no phone number, and calling places that did. Out of the people I emailed, about 10% actually got back to me. Out of those that I phoned, about 60% got back to me, and most of them let me know the apartment was taken, or that they had neglected to let me know that there was no separate entrance, or no windows, or no heat….

So far I have seen over a dozen places, which is pretty good considering the rate of success with my communication. Out of these dozen, I found ONE acceptable place – which already had someone who put a deposit to hold it *facepalm* Another one (which I “saw” last night) I called an hour before to confirm the appointment, and when I rang the doorbell and cheerfully announced “I’m here to see the apartment!” They guy looked at me and said “Oh, it’s rented.” **DOOD** I called you an HOUR AGO. He said someone had come and taken it. *sigh*

I’ve seen apartment buildings, I’ve seen basements, I’ve seen duplexes and fourplexes… My price range limits me a little, but it can’t possibly limit me THIS MUCH!  Is it too much to ask to find a nice bachelor or 1-bedroom that is not totally creepy, has a clean bathroom, a separate entrance, laundry, utilities, and parking, all for under $700? I’m beginning to think this is too much to ask. So where do I start sacrificing??

In my frustration, I created a “WANTED” ad on kijiji (online free classifieds). Maybe it will snag a bite?

On the bright side, where I’m staying now I have somewhat of a flexible move-out date. While I’d prefer to move out April 1, when I said I would.. I know they won’t kick me out April 1st if I don’t have a place. But it’s frustrating… and depressing. Where is that enthusiasm from the first week of looking? It has been deflated and crushed by the non-responders, the liars, and those renting ridiculously illegal and poorly built apartments. I’ll find one… some day. Or I’ll just live out of my car.