Good day!

After a very mayhem-tastic week, it’s nice to be rewarded. And I have been… with the incredibly spectacular, hideous jumping-kitten-icon-at-the-bottom MEMETASTIC AWARD!!! [*pronounced meem-tastic]



This fantastic award was bestowed upon me by one of my favourite curmudgeons – the cynical and hilarious author of Say YES or else!!

If you want to laugh (at or with!) something or someone, this blog is the place for you! And in the immortal words of someone who I think is pretty fantastic: don’t just read it, FOLLOW IT!

In keeping with the tradition of this award, I shall complete the ensuing list of 5 things, 4 of which are blatant lies. You be the judge…

  1. My favourite smell is the scent of red roses
  2. I eat Weetabix every morning for breakfast
  3. I can breakdance
  4. I can pop my left eye in and out of my skull
  5. Teenage mutant ninja turtles are my heroes

I award this memetasic award to the following UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME BLOGS:

The envelope please… *DRUMROLL*

  1. Find, Fulfil, Flourish – Head here for awesomely delightful uplifting insight and articles to make you smile!
  2. Angry Pear – This blog features drawings of pears in unusual and hilarious situations. You’ll never look at a pear the same way again.
  3. Phembot Thought – A friend of mine posts here and she’s got a lot of interesting stuff to say!
  4. Toothpaste for dinner – OK, so this isn’t a blog, but I LOVE IT! Hilarious comix…
  5. Smackeral of books – Like books? Like custom binding? This is the place for you!

There, my work is done. My apologies for the week hiatus people. More fantastic stuff coming to your inbox shortly!

xo xo xo


P.S. Looks like I am going to be number 100!