It has happened. I’m sitting here with the blinking cursor in my happy little wordpress post box and I cannot come up with anything to write. I remember thinking about some pretty cool stuff on the way into work in the car that would have been interesting to write about, but not what they were. I remember coming across some fun and noteworthy situations this weekend, but not the details. My mind is failing me.

mistypeSpeaking of my mind failing me. I think my brain is having issues lately. The first issue is my typing skills. Usually, they are awesome, fast, on-point, and very precise. Usually, there is hardly a backspace anywhere. But in the past week or so, my typing has been ridiculous, and often unintelligible. Lately, the backspace is my most frequently used key, unless I really slow down and think hard about what I’m typing. Today, instead of typing “that sucks” I typed “Ghag cuck.” WHAT? Even typing this post has got me backspacing like a madwoman. Is my mind going too fast for my fingers? Or are my fingers going too fast for my mind?

brain offlineAnother issue – when I drive in the car, I sing karaoke (quite well, I might add). Lately, I’ve been forgetting the words to songs I’ve sung hundreds (even thousands) of times. I find myself humming the chorus that I’ve repeated a mere 38 seconds ago… Early onset alzheimers? Or do I need a brain clearout?!

Seriously, I think it’s time to start meditating again…