To miss or not to miss, that is the question

traffic commuteI’m moving tomorrow. My old place is about 30km from work. The new place is about 1km from work. This is AWESOME in so many ways… I will save on gas. I can bike to work. Heck, I can WALK to work! I’ll have an extra hour in the morning and an extra hour in the evening that I’d usually be driving in traffic. Last night on the way home from work, I realized that I was driving one of my last daily 30km commutes. Of course, I got stuck in traffic, and there were 2 major accidents – so this helped drive the point home. However, this morning on my blissful drive IN to work, I reflected on how I’d miss my morning radio show. I’ll also miss laughing at the insane things people do in their car – like picking their nose and eating it, swearing and cursing, swerving and cutting people off – only to find yourself back behind that person 4 minutes later. So while I will definitely miss the commute, I also WON’T miss it. Change is a wonderful thing sometimes 🙂

Pocket full of tylenol

handfulOpills headache pillsOver the past few weeks I’ve been having headaches. I think they were related to the fact that I hurt a muscle in my back, and it began traveling into my shoulders and then up to my neck – leaving me leaning slightly to one side with my head turned on an angle to straighten out my view. Needless to say, this brought on some angry headaches. Me being a busy bee – always buzzing around the flowers with something to do – often threw a tylenol or two into my pocket (sometimes and Ibuprofen) to take when I had a water or a tea. Most times, I forgot about them. The next day, I’d throw another couple into my pocket. When I switched pants, the pocket contents would be transferred completely. The tylenol were compounded daily. So today, when I reached in my pocket to get my chapstick, I found myself digging around in a pocket full of tylenol. I hauled them out and counted 14 tylenol, 5 Ibuprofen, and 3 Midol.

After applying my chapstick, I realized that I had created an interesting placebo effect! Instead of popping the pain killers into my mouth, I popped them into my pocket and rocketed through the pain. Somehow this might have tricked my mind into thinking I was feeling better. The placebo pocket effect. Perhaps we should all try this one – although you still have to spend money on the tylenol, and time on popping them into your pocket. Then they get covered with lint and dirt. OK, well maybe it’s not such a good plan, but I thought that my pocket placebo effect was quite interesting 🙂