A couple of weeks ago, I began thinking a little more about that little voice in my head when I had this experience:

my puppiesIt was morning and I got the dogs ready for their walk, grabbed the leashes, my house key, some poop bags and left the house. It was early, so I absently locked the door and put the key in my pocket. BUT I do remember thinking to myself, I should put the bags in that pocket and the keys in that pocket so that I don’t lose the key.

Needless to say, I did not listen to that inner voice and lost the key, probably when I took out a baggie to clean up one of the doggie deposits! I spent the next hour scouring the local park with the dogs – who were more than happy to have an extra hour of fresh air. It took me three laps of the park to locate my house key, and a lot of stress. I was late for work, I didn’t have time for breakfast… all of this anguish because I didn’t listen to that inner voice.

This kind of thing happens all the time. We think to ourselves – I better write that down or I’ll forget it. We don’t end up writing it down, and lo and behold two days later we are left scratching our head wondering what it was we were supposed to remember.

Why is it that we don’t listen to, or trust, that inner voice of ours? I think perhaps the inner voice is basing its suggestions on previous experiences – so we probably should listen to it! My theory is that it’s likely one of two things, and often it’s likely a combination of the two:

  1. Our ego gets in the way and reminds us that “we know better and will do as we please” even though we don’t realize that both the ego, the inner voice, and the “us” that’s listening to this conversation are ALL THE SAME PERSON – YOU!
  2. The inner voice is so passive and often occurs when we are on auto-pilot or passive-minded and it’s more of a subconscious suggestion that we don’t hear loudly enough.

I would like to take time to make a more concentrated effort to listen to that inner voice. Often, it knows things before we consciously accept them and can come in very handy – like the time it knew the relationship you were in was not going anywhere, or the time you left your bagel on the kitchen counter as you left for work, or perhaps the time you were on the way out the door and needed to put your keys in a different pocket because you might lose them! Listening to this voice is easier said than done, but at least being aware that it’s usually right might help me listen to it (myself) more 🙂