I recently moved, and have been taking time to acquaint myself with my new home. One important task in getting to know your neighbourhood is becoming familiar with the local graffiti. So this week, on several different walks, I captured the tags of the local thugs and wannabe graffiti artists, so that I’d know whose territory was whose. Here is a sampling of the local *artwork* (I use the term loosely, because there is some unbelievably beautiful graffiti in the world, but these local *artworks* are simply messes that someone has made with their spray can or marker).

zen graffiti
Apparently, either this *artist* or this part of the 'hood is very Zen. Maybe both. Or it could be the way the fence is facing, or perhaps the line that the trees formed. Either way, this looks like a good sign!
APL graffiti
I noticed these initials scrawled on this random pipe poking out from the grass. I have deduced what the acronym means: Always Pretty Living. This says very good things about the new neighbourhood!
SLOE graffiti
I saw the word "SLOE" scrawled on a lot of places. Clearly this *artist* is dominant in the neighbourhood - or perhaps (as indicated by the tag SLOE) this person is, indeed, a bit slow - and has forgotten where they tagged last, so just keeps writing it on things. Either way, my dog let me know what he thought of this particular tag.
Sodom6 Sodom-E Sodomy graffiti
The term "Sodom6" or "Sodom-E" was another popular tag. I am certainly hoping that it is a reference to Sodom's 6th track ABUSE (a hard metal band from the Germany) rather than the alternative, as I am an EXIT ONLY kind of gal. This new graffiti does not look positive at all. Note to self: STAY AWAY FROM fences marked SODOM6
blair witch graffiti
This graffiti reminded me of those creepy blair witch dolls. Obviously this *artist* is not fond of the Excrement Removal By-Law
cute lizard graffiti
Just as I was about to give up on the artistic talents of the local graffiti taggers, I found this little guy on a fence. He sort of looks like a chameleon climbing upwards. This is definitely my favourite by FAR.