Ahh… another group of fun little sketches. Here’s the latest bunch of weirdos! Don’t forget you can click them to enlarge if you’d like to see more detail! 🙂

pretty reflections
In high school during physics class, this guy Dave drew “EIBE” which is basically the top half of the word “FIRE” reflected. So I kinda did the same thing here, and added some bubbly happiness to it.
grapes. yeah. that’s it.
orbit eye
I was watching the Hubble Imax 3D movie (in 2D) and started drawing this guy… they said “orbit” a lot in the documentary 😉
The vowel-tacular chart of Fitness
One day I was mucking around on a white board and swapped out the “i” in FIT for other vowels… and ended up here. This is my updated chart drawing, including corresponding fat cell sizing 😉