GUILTY of not having a post prepared and ready to deploy this morning. BUT, it’s still today and I have a super fun photo post! I was wondering where the day had gone, when I realized I had not yet posted anything for today… I made it *PHEW*

the view from inside my stemless wine glass
At Easter dinner, I captured this shot of the view from inside my stemless wine glass. I caught some awesome colour, cool reflections, and an interesting font etched into the bottom!
Quail egg, sunny side up!
Quail egg, sunny side up! Quail eggs are SO CUTE and also very tasty 🙂
Rhinocerous shaped strawberry
Thanks to Sandra for bringing in and pointing out this rhinocerous shaped strawberry!!! SO COOL
Bending the light in my coffee
One morning as I was stirring my coffee, I noticed how the reflection of the lights were being bent. I love the shape it made 🙂 Almost like a siamese question mark.
Offroading snail
I almost stepped on this little guy who was offroading it across a pebbled path. I was intrigued by how it lithely moved across this rough terrain. I call him the Offroading Snail